6ix Crew Member Big Voice Disses Squash and His Mother Plus Reveals Secrets – Watch Video

Dancehall artiste and 6ixx crew member Big Voice came out swinging against incarcerated deejay Squash and his mother ‘Mummy Shan’ via an online live chat. Big Voice says that he was directed by god to address the death threats he has been receiving from Squash’s mother.

In an explosive rant on Live, Big Voice responded to the alleged death threats from Squash’s mother and other members of the 6ixx Camp by stating, “A uno start join me live and a seh me fi dead so me start talk now so now me start talk how me fi fraid people when them a threaten me long time uno just a hear wah gwaan now but a long time dem a threatening me people.”

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During the chat, Big Voice also revealed that Mummy Shani planned to frame him back then by sending someone to put a gun under his bed. “Me see Bobby 6ix Girlfriend inna me room so me seh Bobby 6ix girlfriend, me seh Kerri-Ann memba a lie me a tell enuh people me nuh sure if this real enuh so me seh Kerri-Ann weh the gun weh Mummy Shan put under me bed deh she seh it under yuh bed,” Big Voice revealed.

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Someone on his Instagram Live seemingly suggested he should stop talking because of repercussions. In response, Big voice says, “Uno a talk bout mine Squash kill, breda a Saltspring me born and grow run up and down inna bush with Squash you hear, yow a dem join me stream listen to me people me caa tap call name.”

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Big Voice then focused his energy on addressing Mummy Shan and disrespecting her. “Why Mummy Shan haffi inna bay mix up as a mother, why Mummy Shan as a Mother caa seh Big voice uno a friend enuh you and Squash nuh fi have nutting why Mummy Shan a join me live you fi dead, why Mummy Shan as Squash mother can join me live and seh Big Voice you fi dead Mummy Shan go suck you muma Mummy Shan, you nuh stop f@#k off Squash friend them,” Big Voice outlined.

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See the video below:

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