6YO Reportedly Abused by Teachers at Hanover Institution; Police Parent Speaks Out – Watch Video

A member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) who is a parent speaks out about the injustice that his six-year-old daughter reportedly endured at the hands of the teachers of an early childhood institution in Lucea, Hanover.

The parent of the child, Leary Mccauley, stated in a video shared to social media, “It’s not my usual stance fi tek this platform, however mi affi make a situation known.”


He claimed that the incident took place a couple of weeks ago involving a male teacher named Mr. Allen who abused his daughter twice, and the first time it happened he “made no alarm” because Mr. Allen apologized.

However, he said that it happened again when the teacher supposedly employed the use of a stick to hit his child, causing her foot to swell.

The matter was reportedly taken to the police and documented and other teachers asked for the matter to be swept under the rug due to the teacher’s voluntary resignation after the incident. However, that was not the end of the issue, Mccauley said the six-year-old returned to school only to be ostracized from the rest of her schoolmates by the authorities that should be teaching right from wrong.

He said that his daughter got home from school (The Bright Minds Institution) on Monday evening, and reported to him that “she is feeling lonely.” Apparently, the teachers at the school had taken her from her usual place to sit by herself and a teacher even allegedly told her “why she doesn’t go and stick her head in the toilet and drink water from it.”

Following these incidents, the child was reportedly expelled from the school that she had been attending since she was two years old without any reimbursement of fees.

The parent made a final statement as a warning to other parents to “Think twice. Because this is not a place where justice is forthcoming for your loved one if you stand for abuse against your child.”

Watch the video below:

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