7 Biggest Stories in Jamaica: March 2024

With every month, there are new trending stories that leave a lasting impression on Jamaicans and March is no different. From celebrating new life with the birth of Miss Kitty‘s baby girl to shining the spotlight on the brilliance of Champs 2024, we take a look back at stores that made rounds online.

This top ten list was curated by yardhype.com. The following list will contain seven of this month’s biggest stories in order of which took place first.

1. Miss Kitty Gives Birth 

Starting off our list, Khadine Hylton (Mrs. Wilkinson) popularly known as Miss Kitty shocked the country with one news after the other, first her marriage, and then her pregnancy. She then shared her pregnancy journey with the public (November 2023) with the baby’s gender reveal in January 2024, and celebrating her daughter’s birth on March 5, 2024. 

Initially, the public had suspicions of a rushed wedding because they believed the lawyer was pregnant, and while we are unsure the wedding was rushed due to this reason, the pregnancy rumours turned out to be true. However, many shared their congratulations on the birth of her baby girl and her first steps into motherhood.

2. Spice Defends Shenseea On Baddies Caribbean Audition 

Next up is the video of Spice defending Shenseea. Despite the alleged ‘beef’ between Dancehall artistes Shenseea and Spice, during an episode of the new reality show Baddies Caribbean (on which they are both judges), Spice stepped up to defend her fellow Jamaican woman when a contestant attacked Shenseea at the auditions. 

The contestant expressed her dislike for “bi**hes like you” and proceeded to throw a microphone and Spice reacted by rushing the contestant, however, they were kept apart by security.  

3. Baby Stolen From KPH

Closely following is the news of a woman in a wheelchair almost losing her baby for good at the Kingston Public Hospital when someone approached her under the guise of offering assistance only to abscond with the mother’s eleven-day-old baby girl. 

Reports stated that the suspect had made friends with the couple before the incident took place. The baby was later found in Dunkirk, East Kingston. 

4. Juliet Holness Saga

PM Holness andrew and Juliet holness
PM Holness and wife Juliet Holness

Number four on the list is the Juliet Holness House Speaker saga. The leader of the PNP (People’s National Party) and the leader of the JLP (Jamaica Labour Party) presented their arguments in the 24/25 budget debate, and drama ensued.

At the recent parliamentary debate, the opposition leader, Mark Golding, seemed to imply that there has been some conspiracy to have the current Prime Minister’s wife sworn in as the house speaker.

However, Holness defended his wife who was the deputy house speaker before being sworn in and poked holes into Golding’s statements by showing proof that no one (including Golding) had any objections when Mrs. Holness was being sworn in and that the drama was just some form of diversion tactic.

5. Champs 2024

The annual ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships took place from Tuesday, March 19, to Saturday, March 23, and concluded with a spectacular win by all boys school Kingston College, and Co-ed Edwin Allen High School. 

This year’s win represents KC’s third consecutive win of the champs title, while Edwin Allen girls track team dominated the track to steal Hydel’s throne.

6. Police Kill Man in St. Catherine (cover up?) 

When the shocking footage of a seemingly unarmed man being killed by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) surfaced online, public outrage surged as citizens disputed the Police’s statements that the individual was killed during a shootout with law enforcers.

Discrepancies in the police’s report were noted as it was mentioned that the incident happened at night and that the deceased, Romario Sterling, was shooting at the police. Video evidence supports the family’s claim that the victim was unarmed and cooperating when he was gunned down in cold blood. The incident is being investigated by INDECOM. 

7. Whisper & GF’s Gender Reveal Party

Closing out our list is the controversy of footballer Dujuan Richards, known by the nickname Whisper, having a baby with his girlfriend. The news became public when footage of the gender reveal party was uploaded to social media.

Many are on the fence about the news as Whisper is only 18 years old and they believe he is still too young to be expecting a child. However, others are in support of him, some stating that fatherhood will keep him on the right track and that he is financially stable enough to become a parent. 

Honourable Mentions

Some stories that also created a buzz but did not make it on the list would be Queenie and Dowey’s reunion, the restaurant chain Juici Patties opening a branch in the U.S. (United States), the Jayden Saga where the TikToker received backlash for making a joke about dating 12-year-old girls, and the ‘funeral party’ that saw people whining on each other as if at a dance party. 

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