8 Inmates Escape Black River Police Station in St. Elizabeth

Eight high-risk detainees who are currently facing charges of violent crimes, including murder, have fled the Black River Police Station in St. Elizabeth.

Reports state that the missing fugitives, Anward Hinds, Javaughn Simms, Dewar Williams, Kenneth Stewart, Oral Cole, Richard Brown, Alrick Hutchinson, and Dean Simpson, escaped from their cells without triggering the suspicion of the police. Four of the prisoners were reportedly spotted walking on Central Road in Black River, which prompted a report to the police.

Officers checked the men’s cell after the report was made, at which point they discovered that the men had fled the station. According to a report, there is only one door in and out of the police station, and the escapees were allegedly detained in an area underground.

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The men were being held on multiple charges, with Hinds and Simms detained on a murder charge, while Williams and Stewart were held for illegal possession of a firearm. Cole, Brown, and Hutchinson were arrested and charged with robbery. Simpson, who is also facing charges of robbery, has been accused of rape.

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