9-Y-O Loses Vision in Right Eye Due to Cancer: Eye Now in Horrible State: GoFundMe Launched

A 9-year-old girl named Savannah is battling cancer, which has left her completely blind in her right eye. Savannah, a student at Claremont Primary School in Hanover, was admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies after recently being diagnosed with tumorous cancer on the optic nerve.

Her guardian launched a GoFundMe page on January 24, 2024, hoping to raise US$20,000 towards her medical expenses. The fundraiser has since received 68 donations, totalling $2,339


The GoFundMe page features a photo of Savannah’s sitting with her right eye in a horrendous state.

9 Y O Loses Vision in Left Eye Due to Cancer See Photos

The information noted that “this heartbreaking situation adds an extra layer of urgency to Leon Stephen’s plea for financial assistance, as Savanah battles not only her health crisis but also the daunting prospect of compromised sight.”

An update provided on January 31 informed the public that Savannah remained hospitalised and that biopsy results were pending. Prayer and financial assistance were also requested. Details also state that chemotherapy treatment was scheduled to begin a few months ago, on February 2, 2024.

“Savannah has lost complete vision in her left eye. The cancer is spreading rapidly,” an update on February 1 read.

The update is accompanied by a picture of Savannah sitting on a hospital bed, using her bandaged hand to peel back a bandage from her eye, revealing her swollen eyelids.

9 Y O Loses Vision in Left Eye Due to Cancer See Photos
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