Abandoned Baby Found in Bushes – Watch Video

A video of an abandoned baby that was found in the bushes has been reshared on various social media platforms after a good samaritan decided to take the baby in.

The location of the find was not mentioned.


Known by the tiktok name dexterdoaps, assumed to be the man behind the camera, voiced that he would take the child into his custody since the baby has been stranded. The speaker stated, “Wah, look weh mi find innah e mawnin yah…people dem wicked eh man. Anyway, mi will control him, cuz this yah gooda my treasure weh me a dig fah long time.”

Continuing, he stated, “Mi nuh know how long him out yah still but, look like a good time him out yah, but, me a control him. A good a my riches dis…mi nuh know how people so wicked bredda, leff dis yah likkle, likkle pickney out innah e bush yah suh.”

The baby was completely nude when found and was left on what seemed to be tattered bed sheets and a blue baby blanket. Although the gender of the child is unknown, it can be presumed that it is a boy by the colour of the blankets.

After the video was reshared, someone commented, “Keep it a your own. Register him in your name. God let u find him, ” while another condemned the mother by saying, “Him mother must be mad woman can’t be a woman in her right senses this is too much wickedness.”

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Watch the video below:

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