Adele Confesses to Having a Baptism in Jamaica

English singer Adele made a strange confession in the middle of performing at her Las Vegas residency in Caesars Palace. The songstress left her audience stunned when she shared that she had a spiritual awakening while vacationing in Jamaica and was baptised in the ocean.

The 34-year-old megastar secretly visited the tropical island around October 2020, which was also when she went viral for sporting a Jamaica flag bikini top and Bantu knots. At her show, Adele opened up about her belief in God and baptising at the GoldenEye resort in Oracabessa Bay, St Mary, where she also met James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

GoldenEye resort

“This might sound weird. But I had a baptism in Jamaica in the ocean. I gave it to myself. It wasn’t not like official. I went into Goldeneye and I went into that water and I came out a completely different person there.” Adele explained to the crowd. She went on to add, “I truly believe that God was there in that ocean,” 

She mentioned that she was “off her face,” but she did not say why she was so intoxicated. The Hello artiste continued by addressing the criticisms she received over the viral photo of her Jamaican bikini top and Bantu knots.

Adele had sported the look to celebrate the Notting Hill Carnival, but the picture caused a stir online, leading to accusations of “cultural appropriation.” Critics had labelled her decision “insensitive,” but Adele has spoken out, saying that the Jamaicans loved what she did.

She said, “I don’t know if we should bring that up. The Americans didn’t like it, but they (the Jamaicans) loved it…Can you imagine if you came dressed as me when I was in Jamaica?” 

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