African Forced To Eat Banana Like A Monkey By Racist Ukrainians

As the tension of the Ukraine crisis still builds in the air, more news about racism in the war-torn country continues to emerge in the eyes of the public.

Amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many news reports have been made about the Africans being denied to exit the country due to racism. The Africans were reported to be facing harsh treatments, degrading comments and more from authorities that prevented them from safely leaving.


In a recent video, a dark skin African man was a victim of more distasteful acts of racism, which demonstrates how black people in the country are still being assaulted by racist Ukrainians.

In the video, the African man was at the supermarket with an empty handbasket when he is approached by what seemed to be a Ukrainian man and woman. The Ukrainian man began to give a banana to the African man, who rejected it. When the African repeatedly refuses to take it, the Ukrainian man hits him and seemingly threatened him.

Feeling forced, the African takes the banana, and it appears as if the Ukrainians instructs him to eat it. The African man complies by eating the banana unwillingly.

Watch with incident below.

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