Aggressive Protester Apologizes After Arrest – Watch Interview

On Tuesday, November 15 when the all-island protests started, a man was arrested for the aggressive actions taken against some passengers who were admitted entrance into the car of a driver who wanted to continue working.

Videos of the incident were circulated on the internet as the ordeal went viral. The perpetrator was seen intimidating passengers, with a length of board in hand, into getting out of the vehicle after it was loaded because the driver was going against the other protesters.


Later, the man, identified as Ramone Silvera, was arrested and charged with assault at common law, indecent language, and disorderly conduct. The 32-year-old who stated that his job is working as a Professional Clown, is due to appear before the court on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

During an interview with The Star, Silvera apologized for his behaviour and agreed that it was a bit excessive. “Couple big people was in the car…when me really look back pan it and me a say me could a deal wid it more better than that as how me deal wid it, still, but under the ignorancy and it just blow out a proportion,” he said. Silvera stated that the liquor in his system also played a part in why he behaved so aggressively.

After being asked why he thought the police arrested him again, Silvera voiced that he believed it had to do with how widespread the video became. Earlier on in the interview, he mentioned that he was arrested and let go by the police at around 9:30-10:00 AM, but later in the day he received a call from his sister who told him the police were looking for him. Upon his inquiry, he learned that they wanted to take him back into custody on the orders of the “bigger heads”.

The part-time conductor declared that the officers he came in contact with were taking pictures and videoing him like they were playing out some kind of “drama” and he admitted that he felt like they just wanted to embarrass him because of his earlier actions. He said that despite the actions of the police, he would “just go in go pay we penalty and we just know say a so it set…at the end of the day now we know how fi deal wid situation next time.”

Silvera left law enforcement with a bit of advice, to try to catch actual criminals as quickly as they found him, who is a civilian, and also pleaded with the government to “look into our situation” and try to see things from the perspective of taxi and bus drivers all over the country.

The Star posted the interview on their YouTube account and a commenter said, “Young man,the same excitement and drama you gave it is the same treatment you got. Simple as that, smh your behavior was seriously unacceptable and disgusting to the bone,” while someone else pointed out, “I’m happy to know that your back to your true senses and was bold enough to admit your wrongs…respect youth it could have happened to the best of us.”

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