Aidonia and Kimberly’s First Public Appearance After Their Son’s Death – Watch Videos

Aidonia and his wife, Kimberly, made their first public appearance last night since their 9-year-old son died one month ago. The married couple has been grieving in silence, with Aidonia frequently sharing memories of his son on Instagram.

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Following the untimely death of Khalif Lawrence, the dancehall artiste’s management team issued a public disclosure requesting privacy for the distraught family. Slowly coping with the loss of their only child, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence attended Sandz last night where Aidonia, born Sheldon Lawrence, performed.

The dancehall star spoke briefly about his son, who died after battling cancer for three years. Aidonia, who attended the event in a red sweatsuit, noted that he was wearing his son’s favourite colour as he addressed the audience.

“Done know we seh love Khalif…Caw yuh deh yah so a watch ova daddy,” he said with his hand in the air. On his cue, the audience joined rose their voices in honour of lost loved ones saying “R.I.P to a real Killa,” which is a line from his 2020 song Real Killa

Watch the video below:

Speaking about the role that Solid Agency president Sharon Burke played in his family’s life, he stated, “My fuss visa mi get fi gah foreign a Sharon Burke, right true di time wid Khalif, a mummy Burke. When me couldn’t travel, a Sharon Burke travel wid my wife and my son gaw Miami.”

He subsequently expressed his gratitude to Sharon Burke and sent his respects to incarcerated deejay Tommy Lee Sparta.

Watch the video below:

Next, Aidonia carried Kimberly on stage and spoke more about his son’s passing and its effects. “Mi affi mek yuh smile caw yuh nah smile from wah day…so mi affi put a smile pan yuh face…caw yaw warrior enuh….From 2019 till now, nuff people neeven kno weh we a go through,” he said.

He expressed his appreciation to Kimberly, who was smiling at him. After showing his love and gratitude, he requested a kiss, and the crowd continued to cheer.

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Afterwards, the entertainer performed some of his popular songs, including Hot Tool, Yeah Yeah.

Watch his performance below:

Watch the full performance below:

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