Aidonia Shares More Memories of Khalif – See Photos

Aidonia continues to post heartwarming memories of his deceased son on Instagram. The dancehall artiste is yet to say any words after the recent passing of his nine-year-old son.

As Aidonia and his wife, Kimberly Lawrence, mourn the death of their son, he occasionally shares photographic memories of King Khalif Lawrence in his Instagram Story. In his father’s photographs, Khalif always appears content, and the images never contain a caption.


Today’s photos of Khalif depict the same happiness a boy would have in the company of his parents. In the first image, Khalif, who is in his infant years, is beaming down at Kimberly while she holds him above the water with his lower body submerged.

Aidonia, legally named Sheldon Lawrence, is standing next to them in the pool with his hair in twists prior to growing locs. The singer was captured looking in the direction of the photographer as his wife stood with her back turned to the camera.

Aidonia Shares More Memories of Khalif1

The second picture shows the father and son together when Khalif is in his toddler stage. Aidonia is smiling at his son in his arms while the child flashes the camera a big grin.

Aidonia Shares More Memories of Khalif

Last Saturday, the Hot Tool singer also posted a picture of his son and himself fixated on their devices. While Aidonia lay in bed on his stomach staring at his smartphone, Khalif lay on top of his back watching something engaging on another phone which was propped up by his father’s head.

Aidonia Shares More Memories of Khalif11

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