Aidonia’s Birthday Celebration Shut Down By Police

Aidonia’s birthday celebration had popular artistes rocking the stage, including 450, Jahshii, Intence and the legendary Beenie Man, who kept a very hype performance even after the police came and turned off the music.

Beenie Man, who was very energetic, did a great job of keeping the crowd entertained while they tried to work out the situation with the police, which initially was going alright since the officers granted the entertainers more time to perform.


However, when the ‘Clutcha’ singer hit the stage performing his popular track ‘Yahoo Boyz’ the police officers decided that was the end of the event. The police appeared to be very upset as he slams the selector’s laptop shut and demand the music to be turned off.

Aidonia tried to request more time being that dancehall artiste IWaata did not perform yet, but the police would not allow it. Persons have speculated that the officers were upset with Intence using profanity and questioned why it was wrong to use profanity at an adult event. Some persons also went on to accuse the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Government of fighting against dancehall and the Jamaican culture.

Watch video below

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