Alkaline Makes Disrespectful Comment On Tommy Lee’s Instagram Post

Vendetta deejay Alkaline took to Tommy Lee’s Instagram page and left disrespectful comments after taking offence to one of the Sparta deejay posts.

“Weh the #VIM (Very Important Murder)dem deh tag the #VIC (Very Important Coward) Tommy Lee said in the video.

Weh the #VIM dem deh tag the #VIC dem deh

A post shared by Tommy Lee Sparta (@tommyleesparta) on

This didn’t sit too well with Alkaline as he commented under Tommy Lee’s post saying “Vagina inna yuh mouth, Vendetta in charge suck yuh mumma,” Alkaline also tagged DJ Frass in his comment adding “pree da bait ya [DJ Frass].

Tommy Lee then responded saying who the cap fit let them wear it and ask Alkaline and his “Bat*y Wash gang” to leave his page.

“Who the cap fit let them where it [Alkaline] you and the battywash gang leave me page plz” Tommy Lee replied

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Mario Campbell

Me talk already and me ago state it again: any man who spend three years a think about a man must be a batty man. First, you name u self Sparta, which is a homosexual culture of men in ancient Greek and now u a follow up a young youth. Something wrong man. Get some hits youth.

Tanima Grant

Alkaline guh suk yuh ma cock

Rocheeda Cole

Badnees it name.. Detta run diss.. Pussy inna yuh mouth nyamilee Shaun Hype a wah tek some pussy mouth mouth bwoii?

Shaun Hype

B u know mi nuh talk bout irrelevant ppl enuh Mek him Gwaan flip caz dem bowy deh 1$coin draggingz from them dis general

Chip Chop

Vija Alcock

Andre Lee Anderson

tommy lee spartan dem fi member say Sparta don’t fear judge and don’t fear case

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