Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Of Rushane Barnett Talks Out In Leaked Voice Message

July 8, 2022

The horrific killing of Kimesha Wright and her four children came as a great shock to the alleged ex-girlfriend of murderer Rushane Barnett, according to the female who swore that the man she once dated was very “nice.”

The alleged ex-girlfriend, who has not been named, shared her experience with the accused who had a different side to him, which she described as “genuine” in a leaked vice message.


While stating that she and his mother never once thought he was capable of such a savage act, Barnett’s alleged ex-girlfriend said that the man she knew was a ‘mannersable bwoy”.

Since the quintuple murder, she said the family of the accused, that had issues with mental illness before, have been devastated to the point where Barnett’s brother is now facing mental challenges.

“Right now di people dem stress out,” the female explained. “Dem come like dem stress worse a dan the other woman weh fi har five people dem gone.”

“Bredda a mad out,” she emphasized as she continued.

According to the female in the recording, the family of the accused had been struggling before the incident happened and things have worsened since Kimesha and her children were slaughtered.

She described Barnett’s mother as “senseless”, having one of her sons arrested for murder and her other son suffering from mental illness.


Clarifying that she was not defending Barnett, she indicated that people should resist targeting his family for his crimes. As she noted that they could target Barnett as much as they desired, she also added sentencing the accused to the death penalty would not change anything.

She subsequently spoke about her children as she acknowledged that the tragedy could have happened to her own family.

She went on to say that Barnett’s father was attacked by another one of his children who is “mad” and Barnett was the one who saved his father after the individual chopped their father in the head.


She stressed that no one expected this from Rushane Barnett because he is such a nice person, in fact, the most genuine in his family. However, she also included the well-known Jamaican proverb “silent river run deep” into her commentary.

As the recording came to an end, she expressed that she was also deeply hurt by the killing and said that no one is perfect.


23-year-old Rushane Barnett was arrested after he killed his cousin Kimesha Wright and her four children by slashing their throats weeks ago in their Cocoa Piece home in Clarendon. Barnett, who confessed to his crimes, was served a notice by the Director of Public Prosecution Paula Llewellyn that she is seeking capital punishment, better known as the death penalty, for his crimes.

Listen to the leaked voice message of Rushane Barnett’s alleged ex-girlfriend below.

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