A’mari Getting Engaged? Flaunts Her Boyfriend and Goes Ring Shopping – Watch Videos

Monday, May 20, 2024, 9:43 AM

It has been revealed that social media personality A’mari is in a relationship, and she appears to be very content. The “happy” couple showcased their relationship on a live stream, allowing fans to watch them even while they kissed. 

A video of the live stream was shared on Sunday, showing A’mari asking for one of her boyfriend’s chains, which sparks a conversation about him promising to buy her a ring.


The conversation about the jewellery takes an interesting turn after A’mari cautions her boyfriend that if he gives her the chain, he can never get it back.

“Nuh badda pretend pan di internet like yah give me di chain enuh cause yuh nah get it back enuh. Yah fi go pop off mi neck,” she tells him. He responds, “Mi ago pop off it later.”

A’mari smiles but notes that she is not comfortable with choking during intimacy and says that she will choke him instead. As the sex topic continues, she states that she will not break her vow of celibacy due to her Islamic beliefs for her boyfriend.

Later in the video, he urges her to end the live stream, warning that he will leave if she continues teasing him. Next, A’mari starts singing to her partner and the pair lock lips shortly after.

Watch the video of A’mari and her boyfriend below:

In another live stream, they kiss repeatedly while wearing matching red outfits. A’mari is all smiles and her boyfriend laughs. 

Watch the video of A’mari and her boyfriend below:

Another video shows them shopping for an engagement ring. A’mari asks her boyfriend if he thinks they are ready for such a big step. He assures her, saying they were “born ready.”

Watch the video of A’mari and her boyfriend below:

Additionally, a video of them walking along the road shows her boyfriend expressing his love for one of her songs. He sings a line from the song, and A’mari, also known as DJ Mona Lisa, joins him.

Watch more videos of A’mari and her boyfriend below:

Many internet users have been leaving positive and comical responses after watching the videos. Others have suggested that A’mari’s boyfriend might be chasing clout.

One viewer said, “Amari find man to bloodclaat 😍😂😂😂.”

Another said, “He’s definitely chasing clout.”

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