A’mari Says L.A. Lewis Tried to Make Her Give Him Oral Sex – Watch Video

Wednesday, December 21, 2022, 7:34 AM

Dancehall artiste A’mari, who also goes by the name DJ Mona Lisa, said that L.A. Lewis asked her for oral sex at a riverside. The claims were made while the singer conversed with someone during one of her most recent Instagram Live streams. 

A’mari, who will be facing Queenie Ladi Gangsta on December 26 for a Sting clash, recounted an unpleasant experience that allegedly happened with social media personality L.A. Lewis. According to the Neko singer, L.A. Lewis instructed her to take a dip in a river as part of a “spiritual bath” but later gave her additional instructions to perform oral sex on him.


“Fxck L.A. Lewis weh seh mi fi bow down to yuh bloodclath,” she began angrily. “Put mi inna water, tell mi fi duck mi head unda water and all kinda fuckery, and when mi come outa di water, dis p*ssyhole siddung pan a rock stark naked and seh me fi bow down and give him a blow.”

A’mari continued to explain that she told L.A. Lewis that he reminded her of Satan, to which he replied by saying that she would become “the biggest artiste inna dancehall” if she gave him “the blowjob.” Amari went on to say that she told L.A. Lewis, the self-proclaimed Maroon Emperor, that she would not give him oral sex.

L.A. Lewis is known for voicing unpopular opinions on social media, starting feuds, and making comedic gestures. He is yet to respond to the accusations.

Watch the video of A’mari telling the story of what happened with L.A. Lewis below.

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