A’mari Speaks Up After Fight with Queenie at Sting 2022 – Watch Video

A’mari had a lot to say after her physical altercation on stage with Queenie at Sting 2022, which has been circulating on social media since it happened. The entertainer failed to deliver a solid clash amidst the ongoing feud (of unknown origin) with Queenie.

A’mari stated before her performance via the Dutty Berry Show that she wanted to invest more in music as it is “advertiser-friendly,” but instead portrayed something completely different when she approached the stage.


Afterwards, the Superstar artiste admitted in a separate interview that she came to fight Queenie rather than perform for her fans, leaving one to question if her actions may have been nothing more than a stepping stone to fame.

“I had a good fight, and I am victorious.” stated the Neko entertainer.

Despite the many criticisms, A’mari firmly believes that her actions were successful amidst the excitement. She also spoke about future performance at “Sting 2023” and her plans going forward.

“It’s not the performance that’s going to be the biggest thing; it’s me not having on my wig and acting crazy, that’s what is going to go viral,” Amari expressed.

There are many who view the A’mari and Queenie altercation as a comedy, whereas some view it as an insult to dancehall culture. Despite this, she has a lot of affection and passion for people and music.

Watch the video below:

Also, see her live after the event below.


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