A’mari Starts Fight With Queenie During Clash at Sting 2022 – Watch Video

One of the most highly anticipated acts of the night for Sting 2022 started out with a bit of excitement as A’mari DJ Mona Lisa pounced at Queen Ladi Gangsta as soon as she set foot on the Sting stage.

The video of the clash was posted by Pelpa Time Production who was able to cover the scene between the two women. Although A’mari had made it clear that she wanted to have a clash with Queenie, the June Plum artiste on the other hand said that she was just open to showcasing her talent and she did not come to Sting for a warfare.

A’mari was the first one on stage and she was generating excitement with the crowd in preparation for a clash. She could be heard shouting her signature phrase of “dutty bungle” while the host introduced Queenie and waited for her to take the stage. A’mari was dressed in a short black dress with side cutouts, studs, black leather thigh-high boots, and a red wig.

Making an entrance suited for a queen, Queenie emerged in an all-white wedding dress accompanied by a veil and a flower headpiece. As she was being helped out of the dress to reveal a much skimpier outfit of blue and red, A’mari made her move and started to strip the queen of her garnishing. She was so aggressive about it that at one point Queenie commented, “are you crazy? Wow. are you threatened? You’re threatened by the Queen.”

The Neko entertainer seemed to have taken things too far as they had to erect a physical barrier of people between the female artistes to keep her from starting a brawl. She was even momentarily taken from the stage after her wig was dragged from her head in turn of pulling off Queenie’s headpiece.

Bad Boy Trevor was among the many people to part the fight and he warned against any more physical confrontation during the rest of the showcase.

The first one allowed to perform; Queenie started out with her hit single One Man To Mi Goodie. When it came for A’marie to give her response, she started tracing Queenie about being married to herself, which elicited boos from the crowd.

Watch the performance below:

The comment section of the video was filled with people who were on Queenie’s side after witnessing the clash. Someone said, “Queenie kept it Classy. It wasn’t about war like Queenie said she wanted to show her talent. Amari was a joke. And I kinda had more confidence in her 🤣,” while another mentioned, “Poor ting Amari, she neva ready! Long live the Queen lady gangster! ❤️.”

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