‘Amazing’ Teacher Overwhelmed with Emotion After Students Show Gratitude at Glenmuir High School – Watch Video

With all the negative social media attention that student-teacher relationships have garnered both locally and internationally, an interaction between a teacher and her students goes viral for the right reasons.

Jamaican educator Ms. Murray, a longstanding Glenmuir High school teacher for over two decades, is receiving plenty of sincerely heartfelt love and outpouring emotions from viewers of the video (a little over-a-minute long) that is circulating online.

At the beginning of the video, it shows Ms. Murray exiting the teacher’s staff room. The senior teacher was greeted by several adoring students, with one of the students asking, “Miss how you look so?” The teacher who was a bit surprised by the students gathering outside the office, asked, “Why you standing here like this?” with her ever-glowing smile.

Suddenly, the group of students who might be members of the school’s choir based on the soothing and synchronized sound of their combined voices, started their planned rendition of popstar Bruno Mars’s song Just The Way You Are.

As the student sang the lyrics of the love song, which goes, “When I see your face there is not a thing that I would change, cause your amazing just the way you are,” the teacher was overwhelmed with emotion and started sobbing. Appearing to be getting too emotional, Ms. Murray was trying to leave the scene but a student held her hand to make her stay, to which the teacher obliged.

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At this particular moment, tears of joy accompanied by smiles pour out effortlessly from the eyes of the much-adored teacher. Immediately after the students showed their love and respect for the teacher through their rendition of the song’s chorus, the video ended with the teacher showing her mutual feelings of admiration and appreciation for the students by whispering, “thank you.”

See the video of Ms. Murray below:

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