Andre McDonald Reportedly Confesses to Killing His Wife

During Monday’s court session for the trial of Air Force Major Andre McDonald, shocking information was revealed that he confessed to the killing of his wife back in 2019, a crime punishable by life in prison. Andreen Mcdonald was a business manager, and her husband Mcdonald was a United States Army serviceman.

Andre MacDonald is the son of a 67-year-old businessman named Everton “Beachy Stout” McDonald, who has also been accused of murdering both of his wives and will stand trial on September 18, 2023, for the murder of the younger woman.


As part of the prosecution’s opening statements, Cindy Ann Johnson was called to the witness stand. The half-sister of Andreen, Johnson, reported on Thursday night that she missed a phone call from McDonald. Last Friday morning, she called back and quickly understood the horrific details of the incident involving Andreen.

According to Andreen McDonald’s sister and mother’s testimony, the pair spoke over a 41-minute phone call last Friday in which Andre admitted to stomping on his wife until she was unresponsive over a business-related argument, and she died as a result.

In a phone conversation with Johnson, Andre told her he stomped on Andreen with his foot while she was lying on the ground with their 6-year-old daughter Elena watching. According to her, Andreen did not fight back when she was attacked.

According to Johnson, the origin of the quarrel was based on Andreen removing Andre’s name from a property deed.

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Also testifying Monday was Carol Ann Ghanbar, Andreen’s friend, who, along with Elizabeth Cancel, visited the McDonald’s residence after learning she was missing. Ghanbar and Cancel claimed they found blood and hair on the light switch in the bathroom after they entered the room.

As of yet, no disciplinary action has been taken against him by the U.S. Air Force Reserve. It is anticipated that the trial will last for a few weeks at the earliest.

Watch the latest court proceedings below:

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