Andre McDonald’s Murder Trial: Day 6 – He Testifies how He Kicked Andreen to Death and Moved The Body – Watch Video

Monday, January 30, 2023, 9:36 PM

On the sixth day of the Andre McDonald murder trial, the defendant took the stand and recounted his relationship with his wife, Andreen McDonald, whom he was accused of killing in 2019. On January 23, the victim’s mother and sister testified that Andre confessed, over a phone call, to killing Andreen due to a business-related issue.

Today, he explained to the court that while he worked as a U.S. Air Force Major, his wife operated the businesses he financed.


Following testimony from Paul Anderson, father of Andreen McDonald, the accused told the court how the physical altercation between himself and Andreen unfolded. According to Andre, he and Andreen got into a confrontation in the bedroom, which continued to the master bathroom and became even more violent. He said his wife attacked him in the bathroom, prompting him to defend himself.

He added that he could not restrain his wife due to the fact that she was bigger than he was and stronger. He managed to throw her on the ground, and immediately when Andreen fell, he reacted by kicking her “a couple of times.” Andre said that in defence, he gave Andreen “a couple of kicks to knock the wind out of her and get her to stop.”

“When she got the second kick, I think I heard like some type a wheezing coming out of her and then also, like in the background, I could hear like some footsteps running,” Andre told the court, adding that he realised that his daughter was running. He continued by saying he went after his daughter, took her in his arms, and went upstairs to put her back to sleep, which he estimated took him around thirty minutes.

During that time, he believed that Andreen had called the cops on him, but he found her lying on the floor when he went back downstairs. “So at that point, I sorta like go over her, and she is not moving,” he added while saying that he checked her pulse.

After checking if she was breathing and discovering that Andreen was dead, he became “frantic.” He subsequently went outside for “fresh air,” and when he returned inside, he decided to move the body. According to Andre, his decision to move the body came from not wanting his daughter to see it.

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While describing the situation as “scary,” he explained that he got two garbage bags and wrapped the body inside. He subsequently took the body to his vehicle, put her inside the trunk, and then dumped her body at a location.

Watch as he gives his side of the story below:

Watch the full video from Monday’s proceedings below:

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