Andrew Tate Uses Mavado’s Song ‘The Messiah’ to Share His Thoughts – Watch Video

Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate seems to have fully recovered from being allegedly poisoned after a video emerged of the former kickboxer ‘holding a meds’ to dancehall artiste Mavado’s song, The Messiah. The influencer, however, looked as militant and serious as ever while he took a ‘puff’ off his blunt.

As the video continued, Tate, only wearing American patterned shorts, placed his burning blunt on a table stacked with pizza. The influencer then took a seat then proceeded to take a slice of pizza out of the many boxes on the table, as he took a bite and gave a stern steer to the camera. 

The video of Andrew Tate putting Mavado music on blast was shared on Instagram by oshane21musicupdate with the following caption, “#AndrewTate Vibing To Dancehall Artiste #Mavado 2010 Hit Single The Messiah.”

A few lyrics from the song are as follows, “Dem could a never live fi bench we, cause to jah ge me praise fi ancient a days so me basket nuh empty, a nuff time dem try fi tempt me must e tru me a lead by far, and dem see.” 

Mavado’s song The Messiah was released in 2010 and dominated the Jamaican charts for some time. This is the latest video of Andrew Tate recording himself while he plays dancehall music.

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Andrew Tate went viral upon his release from Romanian lockup to house arrest when he shared a video of himself walking around in a small room while vibing to dancehall artiste Shane O’s song 7 Jacket. 

The influencer and his brother are under investigation on serious allegations, including rape, human trafficking, and forming an organized crime group. 

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See the video below:

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