Angela Brown Burke Under Fire For Tweet Suggesting PM Caused Elaine's 100m Loss

Monday, August 7, 2017, 12:42 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Newly elected People’s National Party (PNP) standard bearer for St Andrew South Western, Angela Brown Burke, is facing heavy backlash from soil media users following her post which suggested that Prime Minister Andrew Holness is to blame for what they said was Elaine Thompson’s loss in the women’s 100 metres at the 16th IAAF World Championships in London.

“Andrew dem seh ah you cause it,” she said on Twitter.

The tweet was deleted soon after the backlash started and she subsequently tweeted: “Apologies. I have now restricted access to my twitter account. Did not capture”.

“How does politics get into our championships? Sill lady”. one user wrote

“I can’t with Jamaican politicians on social media. They need to come off and keep their tackiness between themselves,” said one user who was corrected by another saying “PNP politicians” not “Jamaican”.

American Tori Bowie won the gold while Thompson struggled home in fifth place.

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