Anthony Cruz Receives Backlash From Fans After Dedicating Song To Davina Bennett

Reggae singer Anthony Cruz has dedicated his latest single, ‘African Princess’ Jamaica’s Davina Bennett using a montage of her pictures.

Davina Bennett was the second runner-up at the recently concluded Miss. Universe contest in Las Vegas.

Though the move from Cruz has been criticised as a cheap publicity stunt he insists there are no ulterior motives.

“I did it because I was truly inspired by her. I love the fact she kept it all natural ’cause most of the women nowadays are bleaching and not loving their black complexion, but she is the embodiment of black natural beauty,” Cruz told Loop Jamaica.

According to Cruz we need role models like Davina instead of young girls following the likes of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

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Magnificent Cassie Sweetness

I don’t see nothing wrong with it ja ppl dem cus fi everything kmt

Jah Rulah
Glad i was able to get the chance to listen the song…first i don’t know if the singer did said it is a tribute if he did i certainly don’t found it to be a tribute is just a nother few words put together singing to your woman in the bed room while she with you wen she returns it shouldn’t even record.. song weak na lie if he says it’s tribute not a tribute..but him could do him think n ask the girl to join to mske the video so the song sell ..because really if he… Read more »
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