Antrax Releases Official Music Video For Single “We Them Foreigners”

Upcoming Dancehall artiste Antrax released the official music video for his single titled “We Them Foreigners”, which was produced by GlobisMusic LLC, shot by KD Visuals and released on May 5, 2022.

Throughout the video, the budding entertainer sings about the work of the “choppas”, who use foreign accents and ‘banger’ phones to maintain their luxurious lifestyle. In this, he explains in detail how phone scammers make millions of dollars and avoid staying out of prison.

In the verse, Antrax mentioned the line “We Them Foreigners, chopping credit cards, make the money dawg, den we send it off”. The track then transitioned to another level whereby the artiste begins to outline how he as a “choppa” remains successful in the game.

Some lyrics he mentioned to this are “Mi African brothers dem keep contact” and “Me a use JN for the food land, get banned from Western Union, account can’t seize… passport, Hunts Bay can’t wull mi fi too long”.

For the music video, several people from kids to adults were seen using gadgets to “chop the line”. Stacks of US dollars were also scattered on the ground, some even being walked on by persons who sported expensive jewellery, designer clothing and shoes.

It’s a song and video highlighting the flashy lifestyle and riches that scamming comes with, it also highlights the hard work that it takes to be successful in the game.

Watch Antrax’s “We Them Foreigners” official music video below:

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