Argument Over $100 Leads to a Farmer’s Death in St. Andrew

The police are currently investigating an incident that began as an argument over $100 and led to the death of a Mavis Bank farmer on January 2.

Reports state that the deceased, 28-year-old Janney Walker, was killed during a violent altercation between him and another farmer in the West Phalia district, Mavis Bank, St. Andrew. Prior to the incident, Walker and the 21-year-old farmer were gambling in West Phalia Square on New Year’s Eve when a disagreement developed over $100.

The disagreement eventually led to a physical altercation between the two men, and residents of the community were forced to intervene to stop the fight.

According to reports, on Monday at approximately 9:30 AM, Walker, also known as Tedi, was carrying a machete while he made his way to his farmland. Walker encountered the other farmer along the road and confronted him, during which another argument developed, which led to a fight.

During the altercation, Walker received several stab wounds to his torso and was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. The suspect received wounds to his left hand and forehead and later handed himself over to the authorities at the Mavis Bank Police Station.

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