Armed Thieves Rob a Supermarket in Clarendon with Children Inside – Watch Video

Three thieves robbed a Spaldings’ supermarket in Clarendon on Monday, making off with three cell phones and $400,000. The brazen crime occurred during the day and in the presence of two young children.

The robbery was caught on CCTV camera surveillance, and police are trying to identify the armed assailants from the footage that has since gone viral. The thieves, two of whom were armed with guns, entered the supermarket one after the other.


The first armed robber revealed his firearm and used it to usher a security guard and another man to the side. The second, wearing an orange shirt, drew his gun next. One of the gunmen then attempted to stop one of the children, a little girl using a cell phone, from leaving the store, but she managed to exit.

When she was outside, she turned to stare up the street as the men continued to plunder the store. The second child also attempted to walk out, but the gunmen restricted him from leaving.

A cashier who was with a woman at the checkout station with her items on the counter saw the gunmen and instantly lifted her hands in the air. The video ended not long after.

Watch the video of the incident below.

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