Asafa Powell And Wife Alyshia Starts A Family Podcast – Watch Teaser

Former Olympic champion and world record holder Asafa Powell starts his very own podcast along with his supportive wife, Alyshia Powell.

On their joint Instagram account, Asafa and his wife posted a teaser video that introduced their new podcast (which is a digital broadcast made available on the internet for download, generally produced as a series) The Podcast is entitled the Fast Lane Lifestyle where the Powells will be giving us an exclusive look into their everyday lives while they answer intrusive questions about their lifestyle.


Asafa’s wife captioned the video by stating, “we’ve been working on our podcast these past couple of months.” She exclaimed that she and her husband are “very excited” to begin this new journey together. Alyshia also mentioned that the very first episode of the podcast is already available on Spotify and Apple. Extending her thanks to Tidal League, a podcast network, for their role in establishing Fast Lane Lifestyle. Powell’s “better half” ended by saying, “tune in, you definitely don’t want to miss it. Get to know us a lot more.”

In the video, Powell encouraged his fans to subscribe to the podcast and promised that not only will the podcast not be about running, but that his celebrity friends will be among his many guests, including fellow Olympic champion and fastest man alive, Usain Bolt.

See a few pictures below:

Watch the video below:

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