Asafa Reveals That He and His Teammates Received Offers to Run for Another Country – Watch Video

In a recent interview on his shared podcast with his wife, Alyshia Miller-Powell, Asafa Powell revealed that he and his teammates received offers to run for a rival country.

Following his interview with fellow sprint champion Usain Bolt, Powell, joined by his wife on their podcast Fast Lane Lifestyle, sat down with Olympic champions Michael Frater and Nesta Carter. The episode entitled Give Them the Respect They Deserve saw Powell, Frater, and Carter discuss their friendship, track and field career, their fondest memories together at the MVP track club, and competing. 


While speaking about the high standards Jamaicans hold track and field athletes to, Powell expressed his frustration that not all of Carter and Frater’s accomplishments had been recognized or appreciated. Using Frater’s 2005 Helsinki World Championships silver finish and Carter’s 2013 Moscow bronze World Championships win as examples, the athletic trio further discussed how people are blindsided by the glory of finishing first instead of celebrating all the accolades of an athlete.

“You would travel, and people would remember that, but when you’re in your own country, nobody, you come back to Jamaica, nobody remember that you finish second or third place,” Powell stated.

As the conversation continued, Powell disclosed that while at an international track meet, he, Frater, and Carter received offers from the host nation to compete for them nationally, which would mean leaving Jamaica.

The former athletes went on to discuss their retirement lives and current business ventures, as well as offer some advice to the young athletes who are currently navigating the world of track and field. Frater specifically cautioned against “yes men” who allow athletes to take wrong turns during their careers.

Watch the podcast below:

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