Ashanti Says Producer Told Her to Have a Shower-Sex with Him in Exchange for Her Songs or Pay 80k – Watch Video

American singer and songwriter Ashanti has reflected on an unpleasant experience with a producer who ransomed her songs in exchange for shower sex. Ashanti claimed she was given an ultimatum of either getting in the shower with a producer or paying him $80,000 for the two songs he did.

The Foolish singer spoke about the incident when she made an appearance on The Breakfast Club on Thursday. Initially, the unnamed producer had told her he would do the songs for free, saying she was his “homie.” However, he later made other demands before compiling the tracks on the album.


“He was like, ‘well, let’s take a shower together,’ and I thought he was joking…Then he was like, ‘Nah, I’m dead serious,'” she explained. The singer said that she and the producer had worked closely for a couple of weeks, which is why she did not believe him at first.

According to the What’s Luv? artiste, the producer told her that she could either go out with him and then let them shower together in exchange for the records or pay $40,000 for each song. Upon seeing that the producer was serious, she made some calls to “handle the situation.”

Her mother, who was present, also stepped in and confirmed the story. Later, Ashanti hinted that she intended to go into greater detail about the “crazy experience” in her upcoming documentary, which is currently in the making.

During the peak of the #MeToo movement in 2018, she spoke a little about a producer who had harassed her. According to the Daily Mail, Ashanti said that after turning down a producer who had a “little crush” on her, he demanded $45,000 in exchange for the track. However, her family intervened, and the producer, whom she left anonymous, offered her “three records for free.”

Watch the video of Ashanti recounting her experience below.

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