August Alsina Introduces His Alleged Boyfriend To The World – Watch Videos

On an episode of The Surreal Life (a reality show for celebrities) on the TV channel VH1, American singer, August Alsina got real about his love life and interests when he revealed his alleged boyfriend on camera.

The clip starts with a cut shot of August announcing that he would like the love that many people desire, which is one that lasts a lifetime and knows no bounds. He stated in a newer clip, “and then what do you know. Love showed up, but in a new way.” August mentioned that he would like to share the love that he has found with the world as a way to “honour” the person that has taught him so much about life and love.


Continuing, the Entanglements singer stated that the love he acquired “defies all the constructs that one would say love is supposed to be or love should look like.” He then invited a young man onto the platform to sit beside him facing the camera. The man then appeared on screen, smiled at him and both shared an intimate hug.

Watch the video below:

Though August did not refer to the male as his boyfriend in the video, it has been reshared on YouTube where Doubledeemuva Blaqurate News questioned whether he was an actual lover of the entertainer. She said that there was some confusion over the announcement because, in a previous video that was posted on social media, the same individual was seen calling August’s mother his mom as they wished her a happy birthday.

More so, there are also speculations that he and this man might be siblings, however, this view is split between the masses. Many believe that August is finally living his truth and has came out came out as being gay following his last controversial relationship that stirred the media with Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Watch the video below:

Someone in the comment section stated, “When they hugged it didn’t give me that lovers vibe it gave me family vibe like a brother or cousin,” while another person wrote, “it’s always the light skin pretty dudes; Always experimenting down low in different entanglements.” However, an individual by the name of Imani B. said, “yeah, I call my friends mom mama all the time, they were probably friends turned lovers. So happy for him to be able to live his truth.”

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