Australian Man Survives Two Months Lost at Sea With His Dog

Australian sailor Tim Shaddock and his dog survived two months lost in the Pacific Ocean on rainwater and fish after a failed voyage from Mexico.

In April, the 51-year-old, accompanied by his dog Bella, attempted to sail to French Polynesia from La Paz, Mexico, on his boat, a catamaran. Before he could arrive at his destination, the boat’s electronics and communication system were damaged during a storm.

According to reports, Shaddock and Bella survived the ordeal by drinking rainwater, eating raw fish, and hiding from the intense heat of the sun under a canopy on the vessel. The sailor was finally rescued on July 12 after a helicopter conducting surveillance for a fishing trawler spotted the boat.

Following his rescue, Shaddock appeared emaciated and vastly different than in a photo taken before his ill-fated voyage at sea. However, he has since declared that he is in good health but needs rest and good food.

Shaddock before journey at sea
Shaddock after being rescued

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Shaddock, a cancer survivor, shared that when his health was at a critical stage, he was forced to survive on juices and smoothies, spending over three months living solely on green vegetable juices at one point.

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