‘Batty Man Party’ Dancehall Song and Music Video Enrage Many Jamaicans – Watch Video

Many Jamaicans are furious after a Dancehall song promoting homosexuality was released on streaming platforms. The song Batty Man Party by Toronto-based artiste Lexxicon was released with visuals showing a number of men dancing throughout the video.

Lexxicon, a hip-hop and Dancehall artiste, kicks off the song by deejaying the chorus, “We coming out and we pretty like a Barbie, short shorts, crop top, we go all in, bruck out, bruck out like you a yaadie. Ready, ready fi di batty man party.”

‘Batty Man Party Dancehall Song and Music Video Enrages Many Jamaicans Watch Video 1

Jamaica is well-known for its homophobia, and Lexxicon utilizes multiple Jamaican anti-homosexual terms, including “Fire” and “Bombye bye.” The song indicates that gays are living their lives without hiding, and people should mind their business.

The music video shows multiple men, including Lexxicon, dancing in various rooms, Lexxicon also playing with dolls, and the men vibing along with several others in multiple scenes. There is apparently only one woman on the set, dancing in the background.

Watch the Lexxicon’s Batty Party below:

The controversial song was shared on YouTube on May 8 and has since garnered over 23,435 views. One viewer commented, “Dont refer to jamaica wid unuh corruption. See how fishes love trouble people den bawl seh people a trouble dem.”

Another viewer said, “Try nuh put u foot a jamaica ,stay far wid u battyman party u and u battyman crew…fire pon battyman.”

Read more of the comments below:

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