Baby Reportedly Found by Mentally Unsound Man in Spanish Town St. Catherine – Watch Video

Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 2:22 PM

A widespread discussion has taken root online after a video was shared that highlights that a mentally unsound man claimed that he found a baby in the rubbish in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

According to the recording, a very malnourished looking individual, said to be a mad man, was sitting on what seemed to be a tree stump while he was filmed by someone who asked where he got the cuts on his arms. The person filming was wondering if the man had indeed found the baby, or if he had wrestled with the mother of the child to take him.


The baby was wrapped in a blue cloth and someone was holding him while he was being fed something from a paper cup. The baby, seemingly very hungry, eagerly drank from the cup and kept his eyes on it even as it was being pulled away. Onlookers asked if the man who found him was sure he didn’t take the baby and made up a story to explain why he had the child in his possession.

Bystanders also mentioned that they would upload the video of the baby to YouTube to see if anyone would come forward to claim the child as theirs.

Watch the full video below:

The video was uploaded to many platforms thereafter, including Instagram, and people had a lot to say regarding the matter. One person stated, “Man of unsound mind? That’s the most sane thing to do,” while another said, “I’m glad the mother never unalive him and I’m glad the man they say is of unsound mind didn’t hurt the baby.”

Renahscott also pointed out, “Thank God the child is unharmed, no matter what the backstory may be.”

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