Barber Smokes Meth During Haircut – Watch Video

A video is circulating the internet of a barber cutting a teenager’s hair while stopping to satisfy his craving for a puff of meth (methamphetamine).

Meth is a drug that many use as an illegal stimulant and it is highly addictive. Bitter but odourless, the crystalline powder dissolves easily in alcohol or water and negatively impacts the central nervous system.


In the video, a chubby boy can be seen sitting in a chair at a barber salon getting his hair cut. The barber says something inaudible and turns away, which causes the boy to make a funny face. The barber then retrieves an object and a lighter and brings it to his mouth.

He takes a puff while the boy turns to look at him before he continues to cut his hair. The change is immediate, as the barber seems to be more focused and stares intensely at the teen’s hair while finishing the job.

The person taking the video can be heard laughing in the background as he zooms the camera lens in and out.

Watch the video below:

Posted on Twitter, many reacted to the video with humour by making pun jokes using the word meth. One individual stated, “That’s one method,” while another mentioned, “Don’t meth up my fade, bruh.” However, not everyone was laughing, as someone wrote, “What could go wrong?” and a second commenter said, “The look on that kids face.”

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