Barbers Save Toddler From Running into Traffic – Watch Video

Two Barbers, Rafael Santana and Osvaldo Lugo, from Connecticut, USA (United States of America) were featured on the news for saving a little girl from running out into a road filled with traffic.

Video footage of the narrow save was captured on CCTV; from the barbers realizing what was happening up until they saved the child.


According to Inside Edition, the little girl was standing at a bus stop (located down the street from the Look Sharp Barber Shop) with her mom who took her attention off her daughter for a split second only to turn around and find her gone.

Video recording shows the moment that Lugo and Santana saw the child running past their windows (on the security camera) to when they sprint into action and the first barber out the door scoops up the toddler moments before she reaches the busy intersection.

The men can be seen looking around in the direction the girl was coming from to try to locate her guardian.

The customers and remaining barbers in the barbershop can also be seen looking outdoors, wondering why the men had taken off and what was happening.

Watch the video below:

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