Beenie Man Gets Escorted Off Stage By Police Officers… Says “Mi a bad man”

During a live performance at Pepperseed in Kingston on Saturday, May 21, Dancehall veteran Beenie Man had to be escorted off the stage by law enforcement officers after refusing to leave after going over the time allotted for his performance.

In a video shared by YouTube vlogger Fame Edjahz, Beenie Man can be seen stopping in the middle of his performance to address the event promoters, in which he blames them for starting the show later than expected and then placing a limit on the timeframe he is given to perform for his fans.


“If a man wah cut me off tonight, dem cut me off, but me come tonight fi work. Hush anuh me mek unu start the show late, me come yah fi work and me a work me time weh mi get” Beenie Man further added that “no boy can’t gimmi 20 minute, me a bad man a wah happen to u.”

After addressing the promoter, the “King of the Dancehall” continued with his performance but was soon alerted by members of the JCF where he was directed again to leave the stage.

Beenie Man, however, was not moved by the sight of the lawmen, as his anger was soon positioned towards them. It was then that he declared that he is not afraid despite their warning and that he will continue with his performance, as he is doing his job.

“Unu coulda call the Superintendent likkle more, if dis a my last song Supa, the band haffi go come offa the stage”…”Dis cya be mi last song Supa, u cya frighten me, u a do ur job, me a do mine” Beenie Man said to the two officers on the stage.

This statement by the veteran did not go well with the officers, as they proceeded to take him off the stage, to which he followed. Deep in conversation with both officers as he seemingly tries to diffuse the situation, Beenie Man could be heard telling the officers that he is not disrespecting them and that he would never do that.

Beenie Man’s performance subsequently concluded, allowing Dancehall veteran Sizzla Kalonji who was next in the line up to perform.


Watch the video of Beenie Man below:

Watch Sizzla’s performance after Beenie Man below.


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