Beenie Man Warned His Foot May Have to Be Amputated if He Does Not Stop Travelling – Watch Video

Dancehall veteran Beenie Man has been busy travelling as he continues to perform internationally. But the deejay has cancelled his upcoming performance in Grenada after learning his injured foot may have to be amputated if he does not allow it to heal.

In November, Beenie Man was reported to have been injured after a taxi crashed into the motorcycle he was riding. The 50-year-old had reportedly stopped to speak with someone when the taxi came around the corner and collided with his bike. Beenie Man later assured fans that he was doing fine and continued his scheduled performances, but had been seen using a crutch.


On Saturday, Beenie Man shared his current health status with fans, posting a video of him and his orthopaedic surgeon on Instagram. In the video, the physician disclosed that the artiste’s injury to his right ankle needed more time to heal and that Beenie Man may have to have the foot amputated if he does not get the necessary rest. The surgeon recommended that Beenie Man stay at home and keep the foot elevated, and dissuaded the deejay from travelling specifically by aircraft.

The King of the Dancehall artiste said after the accident, he had taken his injuries as a joke and continued to travel but must now take the time needed to recuperate. Beenie Man further expressed his regret in the video’s caption, writing:

“I met in a minor accident about a month now, and since then, I’ve constantly been working, ignoring the small cut, thinking it will heal. I was wrong. It has become worst […] As such all the shows I am currently booked for, I won’t be in attendance. People yuh done know how my ting guh, mi nuh miss show! Mi show up fi my fans them but mi caaan afford fi lose mi foot.”

Watch the video below.

Beenie Man Post 1

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