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Thursday, December 29, 2022, 8:22 PM

Camille Lee, the girlfriend of veteran dancehall deejay Beenie Man, disclosed that her car was recently stolen, but Lee received criticism for doing so on social media.

Lee shared a photo of her stolen white Range Rover convertible on her Instagram page, noting that it featured a red leather interior. She requested that anyone who had seen the vehicle contact the London authorities. However, several individuals in the comment section took issue with Lee’s social media declaration and questioned her motives.


One commentator, Jacob Davelli, asked why Lee was worried when insurance should take care of it. Another commentator, Beautifullymade1, shared Davelli’s sentiments and asked, “If she has insurance, what’s the point of posting this?”

Lee explained that it was not just about getting the money back for the car but also about catching the thief. Beautifullymade1 questioned if that was not the police’s responsibility, later stating that she and Davelli knew what Lee was really up to, and an argument quickly developed between the trio. Davelli accused Lee of stealing from London stores and said that she had benefited from insurance companies paying for what she took, so why not allow her car’s thief the same?

Continuing the tit-for-tat, Beautifullymade1 called Lee a schemer who arranged for the Range Rover to be stolen so she could get a payout. Lee declared that her money paid for it and that she would go to any lengths to get it back, regardless of the insurance money. As Davelli and Beautifullymade1 continued to press the issue, Camesha London, who declared herself Lee’s daughter, spoke out in defence of her mother.

London reiterated that her mother wanted her vehicle back, not the insurance payout, and appeared dumbfounded that Davelli and Beatifullymade1 were unable to grasp that. London shared that the vehicle had been stolen from outside of her house, and though the insurance company had already agreed to issue the payout, Lee wanted the Range back because it had expensive specifics such as a drop-top and diamond-cut rims.

London’s statements and presence did not neutralise the situation but garnered further responses from commentators.

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