43-year-old Bernice Burgos Brings the Heat to Jamaica’s Beautiful Shores: A Familiar Island Getaway

In the world of modelling and social media, few mature black female names shine as brightly as Bernice Burgos. Renowned for her striking beauty, impeccable style, and captivating presence, Bernice has carved a niche for herself as a model and a social media personality with a massive following.

Her latest touchdown on the picturesque island of Jamaica has set social media ablaze, capturing the attention of her fans and followers around the globe.

In videos and photos shared on various social media platforms, forty-three-year-old Bernice Burgos was seen soaking up the sun and making waves on a Jamaican beach. Clad in a vibrant ensemble that paid homage to the island’s rich culture, she effortlessly demonstrated her flair for fashion and knack for turning heads.

See one of the photos below:

Bernice Burgos


One video showed Bernice and a group of female companions elegantly strolling onto the sandy shores. Her attire was a nod to Jamaican/rasta beloved colours: a red, black, green, and yellow top with the word “Jamaica” emblazoned on the front and sleeves, complemented by a pair of black Adidas shorts adorned with white stripes, perfectly accentuating her curves and physique.

The pulsating beats of Byron Messia’s “Taliban” provided a fitting soundtrack, infusing the moment with energy and excitement.

See the video below:


Another video showcased Bernice Burgos walking away from a captivating backdrop of a red, blue, and yellow boat resting on the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

See the video below:


The videos and images were shared on Instagram by the user @oshane21musicupdate, accompanied by the caption: “@realberniceburgos Touch Down On The Island 💣🔥🇯🇲.”

The post garnered a flurry of likes, comments, and shares, with fans expressing their admiration for Bernice’s beauty, her choice of outfit, and the captivating setting.

See some of the comments below:

Bernice Burgos Comments

However, Bernice Burgos’ connection to Jamaica runs deeper than just a picturesque vacation spot. She and her family have established a strong bond with the island over the years, often making it a destination for both business and leisure. In her own words, she proudly refers to herself as an “Island gyal,” showcasing her affection and affinity for the Jamaican culture and way of life.


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