Bert Samuels Says “It’s Victory”: Bail Applications Expected ASAP – Watch Videos

The Privy Council’s decision to quash Vybz Kartel‘s conviction, sending back the case to the Jamaica Court of Appeal to determine whether or not the case should be retried is being lauded by Vybz Kartel, Gaza fans, defence attorney Bert Samuels and one would expect the co-defendants.

Attorney-at-law, Bert Samuels expressed on Thursday that the Privy Council’s ruling signifies “victory.” Samuels, who represents Shawn Campbell, spoke on the ruling that was handed down on Thursday morning. “It’s victory” The conviction has been set aside by the Privy Council.

“It is not what we wanted, but these men [Kartel and his co-defendants] are now no longer convicts. They have been acquitted by the Court of Appeal so they must go to the Jamaican’s Court of Appeal for them to argue whether there should be a new trial or not,” he told Cliff Hughes during an interview with Nationwide Network.

Samuels also explained that anyone awaiting the decision of the court can apply for bail, indicating that Vybz Kartel and his co-defendants will seek bail to return home as soon as possible.

“The next step is to see whether the client [Shawn Storm] will retain us [the defence team] to go and apply for bail or retain us for the Court of Appeal in its decision whether there will be a retrial or not,” Bert Samuels added.

Watch the video of Bert Samuels’ interview below:

Additionally, another interview features Samuels noting that the defence team is confident that the Privy Council was upset about the arguments made regarding the attempted bribery of the juror, the juror who remained despite the allegations, and the inadequate time for deliberations.

Watch the interview with Bert Samuels below:

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