Bert Samuels Says Popcaan’s Libel Lawsuit Against The JCF Will Be A “Slam Dunk”

Prominent attorney-at-law Bert Samuels who is representing Andre Sutherland, more popularly known as Popcaan, is confident that the libel lawsuit filed against the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) will be a “slam dunk”.

Samuels is disputing the statement that was made by the JCF about his client on what he opined was a mischievous attempt to ruin his character. He stated that he highlighted the problem that was created by the Government of Jamaica (GoJ) when he tweeted about the ‘red flag’ that was issued against Popcaan for overseas travel.


He elaborated further by drawing comparisons to Popcaan’s recent detainment in the United Kingdom (UK) and also having been refused entry previously into Panama. Furthermore, attorney Samuels stated that the JCF breached the law when they referred to the entertainer’s arrest for ganja in Barbados in 2009, which, was later expunged in 2020.

“The ganja is in 2009 with him smoking a spliff in Barbados, he was arrested and paid his fines. In 2020, he applied to expunge that record in the country and it is now expunged,” he outlined.

Additionally, he said that the 2011 arrest for Popcaan’s alleged cocaine possession in the country as mentioned in the JCF’s statement was erroneous, one that they did not provide much information.

“An apology would only mitigate because parents are gonna say, I’m not sending my daughter, my son to Popcaan’s concert because he believes in cocaine and he’s a user of cocaine,” Samuels said in response to whether an apology by the JCF would suffice.

Samuels contended that an example will be set so that persons will know to not “frivolously refer to someone’s character,” which is bound to reap consequences in the end.

The statement being referred to was one released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in response to Popcaan’s recent detriment in the UK. It linked the entertainer to two arrests in Barbados; 2009 for ganja and 2011 for cocaine along with other run-ins with the law for his immigration problems.


Watch Samuels’ interview by TVJ news below:

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