Best Man Destroys Wedding Cake; Gets Punched by Groom – Watch Video

Circulating the internet is what seems to be a video of a best man at a wedding ruining a wedding cake for the couple of the moment.

The video, which was posted on Twitter, was captioned, “Groom punches his best man after he destroys their wedding cake.”


In the video, a stout man wearing a black and blue suit swiftly approaches a one-tier purple wedding cake, which was decorated with flowers and feathers, before grabbing a handful of the dessert. The wedding procession had all gathered in a reception hall after the wedding, but it is unclear if the best man’s actions were proceeded by him giving some kind of speech.

After sinking his hands into the cake, he threw the pieces at the groom then returns for a larger fistful of cake to do the same to the bride. Noticing what was happening, the bride quickly moves away with her hand covering her mouth in what may have been shock.

It is also unclear if the best man was drunk at the time, however, seemingly upset by the situation, the groom punches him and he falls to the ground.

Watch the video below:

The comment section of the post lit up with varied opinions about the best man’s actions, most of which were condemning. Someone stated, “Nah we would have just been fighting at this point 😭,” while another person said, “That best man must be single, cuz those cakes cost $$$$ no matter how dry and crappy it looks.”

There was an entire discussion in the comments about how expensive wedding cakes are and how the best man ruined the moment for the couple thus deserving to be punched, but some people were also voicing how dry the cake looked and making jokes about him doing an act of kindness.

koove2Smoove said, “Thag cake looked dry anyway, he did the right thing 😂.”

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