“Best Vday Ever,” Cardi B Spends Valentine’s Day With Offset – See Pics, Watch Videos

As the curtain closes on the special day for lovers all over the world (February 14), everyone starts to share their Valentines Day moments by posting pictures of their experiences on social media. Celebrities are no different.

The husband and wife duo, Cardi B and Offset, took turns to post pictures and videos on their Instagram accounts to involve their fans in their festivities. In a caption that read, “Had the best Vday ever ♥️🥰……..Finally wore this dress Michelle gave Set 2 years ago! Thank you Michelle & set🖤🖤,” a barrage of picture-perfect images were shown of the loving couple.


The Be Careful singer was sporting a stunning black dress that she received from her husband and someone named Michelle. The dress was made in a slight mermaid style and hugged the female rapper’s body.

The material was a shimmery black and it was paired with a black jacket with khaki-coloured sleeves and collar. Without the jacket, the dress featured an open back in the shape of a diamond.

See the images below:

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Pictures of the couple in different outfits, Cardi’s Valentines Day gifts (roses and handbags), Cardi in lingerie and in a hotel room, a Times Square kiss cam and videos of their McDonald’s commercial were also included in the post.

See pictures and videos below:

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ReelDownloader instagram 1676544579942 v2
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843920 v2.png
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843876 v2.png
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843838 v2.png
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843947 v2.png
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843978 v2.png
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843806 v2.png
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843691 v2
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843561 v2
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544580198 v2.png
ReelDownloader instagram 1676544580131 v2.png

In one of the videos, Cardi was interacting with her fans while wearing a poofy white jacket, and in the second video she was filming her McDonald’s commercial with Offset, (still in white) to advertise the new “CardiB & Offset Meal,” which comes with 2 burgers, fries, 2 drinks, tangy BBQ and a baked apple pie. The meal is only available for a limited time.

Watch the videos and see more pictures below:

ReelDownloader instagram 1676544843750 v2
Screenshot 20230216 060211 Instagram
Screenshot 20230216 060227 Instagram

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