Blueface and Chrisean Rock Marry in Upcoming Music Video – Watch Video

Sunday, January 29, 2023, 5:14 PM GMT-5

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have something special coming, which involves a declaration of love, a wedding dress, and a song. Photos and a video surfaced four days ago of Chrisean shopping for a wedding dress, which sparked speculation about whether wedding bells were ringing.

According to TMZ, witnesses said the reality TV star stated that she needed the perfect gown because she was getting married on January 27. She reportedly made a down payment for one of the dresses she tried on at Anita’s Bridal Boutique in Los Angeles, California.

A new video has emerged showing the wedding reception, which turns out to be a scene in a music video. Chrisean and her boyfriend were both dressed up at a church, where numerous individuals watched from the pews.

The video began with the couple in casual clothing, which seemed to be before the shoot started. It then cuts to show Blueface in a sharp white suit and Chrisean in a wedding dress with a long veil.

The two stand at the altar with the bridal party, and Chrisean requests that they move things along with teary eyes while sniffling. The video goes on to show the bride staring up at her groom as he interacts with the recording crew. Seconds later, Chrisean is singing, and they subsequently share a passionate kiss.

The responses the video has received show that watchers did not think the couple should or would actually get married. One viewer reacted to the video by saying, “she dont love that man, her eyes were open. You know its a wrap! she just using whatever she can get out of Blueface. Juicing him up nicely!”

Another viewer expressed his disbelief that the two will ever tie the knot in reality, writing, “This is the closest she’ll ever to a wedding with him.”

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The revelation of a love song comes over a week after Chrisean announced that she was pregnant with a child that Blueface quickly denied being the father of. Blueface, a 26-year-old American rapper, even shared online that he was no longer in a relationship with Chrisean, who is 22 years old.

Watch the video of the wedding reception below:

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