Blueface Sentenced To Multiple Years Probation For Shooting A Man

Monday, October 2, 2023, 6:59 PM

Judge Kathleen E. Delaney, in a Clark County courtroom, sentenced 26-year-old hip-hop star Blueface to a maximum of three years’ probation for the charges he was found guilty of. The rapper, whose real name is Johnathan Porter, was sentenced nearly a year after being involved in a shooting that took place on Oct. 8, 2022, in Las Vegas.



Unless he violates the terms of his probation, the controversial rapper from Los Angeles will not have to serve any jail time for shooting a man in Las Vegas. According to the judge, “If you get back here on any probation violation, especially anything involving a weapon, I will not hesitate to put you in prison for a significant period of time.”

Blueface was ordered to stay away from the Las Vegas Strip and the downtown area under the terms of his probation unless he has a valid work application or a legitimate reason for being at the mentioned locations.

However, the victim of the crime was not pleased with the sentencing, noting that the rapper’s reputation led the Clark County judge to give him a lenient sentence. “I know people who get more time for stealing bubblegum,” Traylor stated. As a result of the incident, Traylor claims he’s got no work and it has ruined his life.

Traylor Outlines His Frustration With The Verdict


A police report revealed that Porter was suspected to have been involved in a shooting that took place in the 6000 block of Windy Road, west of Harry Reid International Airport, last year. According to reports, Kentavious Traylor received a bullet graze wound to his left hand as a result of being shot.

There was an arrest in November of Porter for the shooting, and in July of this year, he pleaded guilty to the charges.


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