Blueface Tells Security to Kick Chrisean Out During Interview, She Then Broke a TV – Watch Video

In the most recent episode featuring the life of the internet’s most toxic couple Chrisean Rock and Blueface, another storm seems to have hit their ever-turbulent relationship.

A video has gone viral on the internet, taking over Twitter, of Blueface asking security to kick Chrisean out of the room during what seemed to be a major meltdown. The video was posted on Daily Loud’s Twitter page with the caption, “Chrisean had a complete meltdown during No Jumper interview and Blueface had to get security to kick her out.”


See the post below:

Another video was uploaded by a commenter which showed what happened during the interview with No Jumper that set Blueface’s volatile girlfriend off.

Chrisean can be seen getting dragged from the room by security personnel while she struggled to get free. Prompting the embarrassing exit, Blueface said, “Take her outside. There’s nothing to talk about.”

The entire fiasco started because Chrisean wanted to talk for herself during the interview, stating, “just let me talk for myself, I don’t like nobody setting me up in a conversation.” At this point, Blueface wanted to cut the interview and said that either he talked for her, or she could do the interview on her own. Chrisean seemed to be against both options.

Both were seen exiting the set after which Blueface promptly asked security to take his girlfriend out of the room.

During her struggle to be released, the reality tv star can he heard crying and calling out to Blueface, saying, “Blue, can you come here? Why you being like that…why you doing that?” She kicks a tv in her efforts to get loose and claws at a wall as she is dragged from the room, all the while Blueface looks on with a straight face.

The video has already surpassed 2 million views and 14 thousand likes. In the Comments, one person pointed out, “Nah not gaf is one thing, but imagine being alone and the ONE person you expect to be there for you is letting them throw you away. The way she cries I know the pain,” while on a whole other note someone stated, “If I was blue face I would’ve dropped her off on the corner and never looked back..”

See the full video below:

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