‘Bob Marley: One Love’ Rakes in $80 Million at Global Box Office; Second Largest Music Biopic Opening

In less than a week after its release, Bob Marley: One Love has amassed approximately US$80 million from global box office sales.

Produced by Ziggy Marley, with stars Kingsley Ben-Adir Lashana Lynch playing Bob and Rita Marley, Bob Marley: One Love opened last week, February 14. The biopic exceeded its initial projections to earn $14 million in the US, setting a new record for a movie released on a midweek Valentine’s Day.

The film has maintained its #1 spot in the US, continuing to outpace Sony’s Madame Web. Initially opened in 13 markets, Bob Marley: One Love has increased its viewership and is out in 47 overseas markets.

According to Deadline, of its estimated $80 million global box office gross, $29 million was generated from international box office sales outside of the US. In comparison, Madame Web, which is out in 61 markets, has an estimated $51.5 million global gross, $25.7 million of which was generated from international box office sales.

In regards to Bob Marley: One Love‘s performance when compared to previously released music-based biopics, the movie has so far exceeded the performance of Elvis by 14% and Rocketman by 12% when comparing like-for-like data, including previews. 

Bob Marley: One Love is the second-largest music biopic opening, behind Bohemian Rhapsody, the 2018 biographical musical drama film centred around the lives of British rock band Queen.

One Love film’s top five markets are Brazil, Germany, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom (UK), earning $1.8M, $1.8M, $2M, $5.5M, and 9.3M from each market, respectively. The film is currently the second-biggest music biopic opening in the UK.

As for its performance in Bob Marley’s homeland, the film has set a new record for the biggest film opening of all time in Jamaica. Bob Marley: One Love is scheduled to increase its audience reach in major markets in Europe and Asia in the upcoming weeks.

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