Bolt Jokingly Asks About “Retroactive Payment” After 2024 Prize Money for Olympic Gold Medallists Announced

Usain Bolt retired from Track and Field in 2017 after an extensive career in the sport and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of many sports enthusiasts. The former Jamaican sprinter has since switched his focus to other things such as branding deals, construction, and music, however, track and field is still a big part of who he is.

Bolt uploaded a good-humoured post on X on Thursday where he asked about “Any retroactive payment” for retired athletes after the announcement that newly introduced prize money will be implemented for Olympic gold medallists at Paris 2024 and all medallists at the LA 2028 Summer Olympics(LA28).


Check out his post below:

According to a press release by World Athletics, they will be awarding USD$50 thousand to all 2024 Olympic Champions as prize money. A total of USD$2.4M will be awarded across 48 athletic events in Paris for the winners of a gold medal.

It was also mentioned that relay teams will be issued the same $50k prize to be shared amongst the four runners that make up the team.

In the case of LA28, which is the 2028 Summer Olympics to be hosted in Los Angeles, USA (United States of America), all three medallists (gold, silver, and bronze) will be awarded an unspecified amount as prize money.

Replying to Bolt’s post, his fans expounded on his joke with TCL stating, “An award every time someone doesn’t break a record you hold?” And hoch-zeit1607 wrote, “Perhaps you should get on the tracks again. Athletics and the fans have missed the “Usain Bolt Show”.”

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