Bolt Shows Followers a Glimpse of ‘Good Life’ While Chilling by the Pool – Watch Video

Always one to look at the brighter side of things in life, Usain Bolt‘s latest video shows that he is also looking at and experiencing the finer things in life by showing off some of the things he enjoys.

The video, captured by Bolt himself, shows the former track star relaxing in a lounge chair by the pool with his shades on and drinks in hand.

He stated, “Thought it was gonna be a good pool day. Sun just left mi fi dead,” as he sipped on his drink of choice.

Although the sky was a bit dreary due to the lack of sun, Bolt proceeded to show off the selection of food and beverages he was partaking in.

To one side of him, there was a platter of wings and calamari with sauce and a few soft drink options, while to his other side was a side table filled with liquor and condiments for his drinks.

“Look deh. Mi have my wings and calamari on deck, look at that gym action. Kasi a workout while I’m being a bum. Life’s good,” he declared.

Watch the video below:

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